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  • West Side United Methodist Church | Ann Arbor | MI

    WELCOME TO WEST SIDE CHURCH West Side is a church that provides a variety of spiritual growth opportunities and experiences. We recognize that there is no “one size fits all,” when it comes to how people live out their spiritual journeys. ​ While many enjoy meeting God through songs, prayers and messages during Sunday morning worship; others find just as much meaning and joy in serving together at the Alpha House or with Habitat for Humanity. While still yet others find the peace of God in tending to our lovely memorial garden in our front yard. ​ This open-minded approach to the many diverse pathways of spiritual growth is not a new idea. In fact for centuries, United Methodists have forged their spiritual journey via a balanced diet of Scripture, Experience, Reason & Tradition. These four avenues make up what we call the “quadrilateral,” which teaches us to ask the following questions: ​ • What is Revealed in Scripture? • How does Tradition illuminate the path ahead? • How does our Experience inform us? • What can be confirmed by Reason? ​ So at West Side you will discover a multi-generational church of both thinkers and doers, of musicians and accountants, of students and those enjoying retirement, of scientists and handymen-philosophers (and throw in some football fans for good measure!). We take a progressive approach to living out our faith and thrive in serving our community and world. We practice collaborative and empowering leadership, with the hope of equipping humble and genuine followers of Christ with the holy love and courage needed to be lights in this day and age. ​ This is a safe place to ask questions. This is a sanctuary to find acceptance and community. This is a group of people on a quest to be real and totally imperfect in our attempts at being Jesus’ followers. And with the help of the children in our midst, we can learn again to laugh at ourselves, and to grieve as needed as well. For if we can be known for anything, let us be known for compassion and mercy - for ourselves and for each other. And then - maybe just in little bits at a time - we will become the change we are looking for. ​ Come along with us and engage in your spiritual journey at West Side. It’s completely fine to be anonymous and find your own space. Or to dive in the deep-end and get as involved as you please. All are welcome. ​ Stand at the crossroads and look. Ask about the ancient paths. Ask where the good road is. Walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6:16 All are welcome to join us for our Sunday Worship and Sunday School at 10:30a.m. 900 South 7th St. Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (734) 663-4164 Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am-2pm Listen to our most recent sermon "The Power of the Word in the Wilderness" - Pastor Samantha Tidball To listen to all of our recent sermons, click here To read our recent newsletters and sign up, click here Coming Soon New Member Classes Contact the office at 734-663-4164 or for more information. UM FOOTBALL PARKING Parking for UM home games has been offered here since the 1970's. The price is $40 and it is on a first come first serve basis. If you have any questions please call Irene at 734-223-0392.

  • contact us | Ann Arbor | West Side United Methodist Church

    Contact Us GET IN TOUCH We'd love to hear from you - Office - Pastor ​ Call us during office hours T, Th 10:00am-2:00pm 734-663-4164 Find us on Facebook

  • Children & Youth | westside-church

    CHILDREN & YOUTH Join us for Sunday School at 10:30am SUNDAY SCHOOL is at 10:30am on Sunday mornings Nursery/Preschool Ages 0-4 Elementary Class Ages 5-11 ​ CHILDREN AT WEST SIDE CHURCH YOUTH AT WEST SIDE CHURCH For Students Grades 6 - 12 The teens at West Side are invited to participate in various service activities and fun events throughout the year. Email Pastor Samantha for a calendar of these events. Teens are also encouraged to join our yearly confirmation class designed to give youth a systematic overview of faith, identity, practices, and beliefs. Confirmation seeks to integrate experiences and opportunities for young people to see how God is at work in the world and in their lives.

  • Holy Week | West Side United Methodist Church | Ann Arbor

    Top of Page Maundy Thursday Good Friday Easter Sunday Holy Week Activities Maundy Thursday Service Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 7:30pm This Thursday evening at 7:30pm EST you (and your household) are invited to join in for a Zoom-hosted, interactive Maundy Thursday worship service--live (at least in part) from the Ziegler’s kitchen! The reason why we’ll be gathering around the laptop and the table for this service is so that we can share in a Moravian Love Feast. Just FYI, this Love Feast is not a sacrament. So, if you’d like to gather up some water (or some other beverage) and some bread (or crackers or sweet bread or whatever carby substance you’d like), and then get ready to distribute those items to your entire household as we move through worship together. Also, if you are able to share this love feast around a table, you may feel a bit more like Jesus and his disciples in Jerusalem for the Passover 2,000 years ago. (Bonus points if you research what the disciples would have been sitting on in the upper room. Email me photographic proof of you and/or your family dining this way for this meal. Also, after you hear the word “God Loves You” please respond with the phrase “And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It!”) ​ To join this Zoom service, please contact Pastor Tim at and he will email you directions. Maundy Thursday Good Friday Service This Friday, April 10, 2020, at 7:30pm EST, we will bear witness to the death of Christ during our shared YouTube Live worship service [link to channel below]. It will be a Tennebrae service that examines the ensuing darkness. If you’d like to have candles lit in your at-home makeshift worship spaces, that’d be great. We will be extinguishing fifteen candles during the service. Click here to join us on YouTube Live Friday at 7:30 pm Good Friday Easter Sunday Surprise! Even in the midst of darkness and distress, new life is popping up all around us which we believe meets its fullness in the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. Join us this Sunday, April 12, 2020 at 10:30 am EST for our Tiny Desk Sermon which will begin exploring the ramifications of an Easter rEVOLution. on our YouTube channel. If you are unable to join us online, the sermons are available on our website by Monday, and *new this week* you may call in to listen the sermon live with the following instructions: Dial (312)626-6799 Click here to join us on YouTube Live Friday at 7:30 pm, or to view any later time Easter Sunday

  • Piecemakers Quilt Group | westside-church

    Piecemakers Quilt Group A Gift of Warmth ​ One of the joys of quilting is to share a part of yourself in your creations. If you are a quilter, beginner or experienced, and would like to meet once a month for fellowship while working on quilts to give to those in need of comfort and warmth, please plan to join the West Side Piecemakers. ​ The group meets monthly, September through May, with the purpose of constructing quilts for home bound church members and those in need throughout the community. ​ Meetings are held in Weiss Hall the second Monday of each month at 9:00 am and continue through the early afternoon. We welcome new members. Bring basic sewing supplies, a sewing machine if you have one, and a packed lunch, and plan to have an enjoyable day stitching and making new friends.

  • Serving our world | Ann Arbor | Westside United Methodist Church

    West Side In Action: Mission & Ministries in the World Costa Rica Mission Each year we send a group of volunteers to help construct a school and orphanage in Costa Rica. Here's a chance to stretch yourself by making a hands-on difference is a place far from home. The 2017 trip is complete, and you can learn more at the trip blog site. Follow the Blog Here Volunteers In Mission As part of the connectional ministry of the world-wide United Methodist Church, we have the opportunity to serve in a wide variety of mission projects in the United States and across the globe. Our members have participated in VIM trips to Russia, India, Haiti, and the gulf coast following hurricane Katrina. Learn more about the VIM possibilities at the VIM website, and talk to staff if you want to explore these exciting opportunities more deeply. VIM Website Please reload

  • Bulletin | westside-church

    Welcome Call to Worship L: We are called to be God's children. P: God's love has been poured on us through Jesus Christ! L: Fear and doubt are gone! P: Joy and Celebration ring in our hearts! L: Come, let us raise our voices in song! P: Let us offer our hearts and souls to God in prayer and praise. Amen. Song 1 As the Deer (TFWS 2025) Announcements New Testament Reading Luke 16:1-13 Jesus also said to the disciples, “A certain rich man heard that his household manager was wasting his estate. He called the manager in and said to him, ‘What is this I hear about you? Give me a report of your administration because you can no longer serve as my manager.’ “The household manager said to himself, What will I do now that my master is firing me as his manager? I’m not strong enough to dig and too proud to beg. I know what I’ll do so that, when I am removed from my management position, people will welcome me into their houses. “One by one, the manager sent for each person who owed his master money. He said to the first, ‘How much do you owe my master?’ He said, ‘Nine hundred gallons of olive oil.’The manager said to him, ‘Take your contract, sit down quickly, and write four hundred fifty gallons.’ Then the manager said to another, ‘How much do you owe?’ He said, ‘One thousand bushels of wheat.’ He said, ‘Take your contract and write eight hundred.’ “The master commended the dishonest manager because he acted cleverly. People who belong to this world are more clever in dealing with their peers than are people who belong to the light. I tell you, use worldly wealth to make friends for yourselves so that when it’s gone, you will be welcomed into the eternal homes. “Whoever is faithful with little is also faithful with much, and the one who is dishonest with little is also dishonest with much. If you haven’t been faithful with worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? If you haven’t been faithful with someone else’s property, who will give you your own? No household servant can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be loyal to the one and have contempt for the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.” Song 2 Seek Ye First(UMH 405) Message: Your Time and Money Song 3 What Does the Lord Require (UMH 441) Offertory Anthem "Never weather-beaten sail". Charles Wood Prayer Song 4 Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us(UMH 381) Blessing West Side Weekly

  • Youth | Ann Arbor | West Side United Methodist Church

    YOUTH PROGRAMS As young people grow in age and maturity, so also their faith journey grows. Harder questions about who we are and what we believe need to be cultivated and explored in safe, relevant and meaningful settings. Youth Group: Growing Together in Christ During middle school and high school years, youth are growing in their understanding of the world around them. They have questions. Relationships with parents, teachers, and friends are changing and evolving. Every Sunday evening, all 6th-12th grade students are invited to come and explore their faith and their questions in an open, safe, and supportive group. Sometimes we play games, or watch movies, sometimes we engage in spiritually dynamic activities, and always, there is a snack, and more! We don't pretend to know the answers to tough life questions, but we do believe that Christ is our best guide to asking those questions, and seeking answers together. Youth group meets most Sundays (unless there's a special event) at church from 5-7 pm on the north lawn (temporarily-due to COVID), weather permitting, and is open to all 6th to 12th grade students. This time includes music, hanging out, games, weekly spiritual thoughts, exploration of God's vision for Ann Arbor, videos and more. ​ Want to learn more? Contact Elisabeth Danielsons at (734) 663-4164 ext. 13, Mission Trips Each year the youth take a trip to be in service with neighbor. In past years, we have gone to Motown Mission in Detroit. We are currently planning a trip for Summer 2020. Stay tuned for details! Spring Hill Camp They are a non-profit Christian camp and retreat ministry whose mission is to create life-impacting experiences that enable young people to know and to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Many of our youth look forward to this annual trip. Confirmation When youth are ready to explore their faith commitment more deeply, we offer Confirmation classes. At the end of the confirmation session, the student will have the opportunity to publicly proclaim their faith during a worship service.

  • Weddings | Ann Arbor | West Side United Methodist Church

    Weddings Love. Commitment to each other and God. A sacred celebration. Weddings at West Side ​ We would be delighted to share in your special day here at West Side UMC! ​ ​ Please contact the church office if interested. 734-663-4164 ​

  • Newsletters | westside-church

    Email Newsletters Please click below to view our most recent email newsletters to see what is going on at our church. If you would like to receive these directly to your email inbox every week, please sign up at the bottom of this page. Click here for our most recent newsletters Older Newsletters

  • Video Library | westside-church

    2023 VIDEO LIBRARY MUSICAL OFFERING FEB. 26, 2023 by West Side Church Music Director Jacob Carroll and vocalists Tyler Middleton, Hayla Alawi & Marissa Redding. *Psalm 46, Deus noster refugium, chant composed by Martin Luther *Sweet Prospect, composed by William Walker, 1833; Text by Samuel Stenneett, 1787 *Idumea, composed by Ananias Davisson, 1816; text written by Charles Wesley, 1763 * Expression, Unattributed Music, text by Caleb Jarvis Taylor, 1803 IF YOU FALL DOWN FEB. 26, 2023 New Testament Reading: Matthew 4:1-11 Bulletin Costa Rica Mission Facebook Page Pastor Adam Bissell Singing Hymns * In The Garden * The Old Rugged Cross

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