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  • United Methodist Women | West Side Chruch | Ann Arbor

    United Methodist Women Who Are United Methodist Women? The UMW is a methodist tradition. We welcome all women to participate in the programs of the Mary Martha or Friendship Circles. Both circles meet on the 2nd Monday of each month-Friendship at 7PM & Mary Martha at 1 PM . If you have questions about how to get involved with United Methodist Women, please contact Marilyn Kirking or Gwen Dunlap. Purpose of United Methodist Women The organized units of United Methodist Women are a worldwide community of women whose purpose is: to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of missions through participation in the Global Ministries of the Church. West Side United Methodist Women The purpose of the UMW is to “be a community of women whose purpose is: to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of missions through participation in the Global Ministries of the Church.” That goal is accomplished here at West Side through the work of the individual circles and the unit as a group. There are opportunities for spiritual development and social awareness through programs presented at circle meetings and actual participation in projects like Habitat for Humanity and Interfaith Hospitality Network. Each year we begin in January by conducting a pledge service in our circles. Our Soup-er Bowl fundraiser takes place in conjunction with the Super Bowl football game. We participate in the World Day of Prayer in March. During the fall, we participate in additional fundraisers for missions including a Harvest Sale just prior to Thanksgiving. These events bless us two-fold. Not only do we have the opportunity to raise funds to support mission teams across the world and local groups like the Chelsea Retirement Community Benevolent Fund, the Baldwin Center, the Methodist Children’s home and West Side’s members on short term mission, but we are also able to have great fun doing it! Come join us…

  • Funerals | Ann Arbor | West Side United Methodist Church

    Funerals Death is part of life. Our Pastoral staff is privileged to support, comfort and pray with you during these difficult times. If there is time, call 734-663-4164 and we will make every effort to have someone come to you. After hours, send us an e-mail and we will call you back as soon as possible. ​ ​ When death has occurred we would be honored to provide the service for you at church, at the grave side or the funeral home. We are also prepared to assist you in the planning of the service. Christ is our hope for eternal life, and it is this belief that we share with you and your family.

  • Music|Worship|Hospitality|West Side Church

    Top of Page Music Worship Assist Tech Team Hospitality, Music & Worship There are many ways to share your gifts as part of making worship a warm, welcoming and moving experience. Hospitality Music Worship Behind the Scenes Hospitality Serving on Sunday morning can take many forms. Greeting, Ushering, caring for newcomers and visitors, and providing refreshment and conversation are all important ways we foster community and build relationships. Tell Me More Hospitality Music There are many opportunities to share your musical gifts at West Side Church. Adult choir, children's choir, seasonal choirs, and vocal and instrumental musicians. West Side Church is currently forming a praise band. Do you have skills and passion that you'd like to share? Tell me More Music Worship Assisting Scripture readers, Communion Assistants, acolytes, and lay readers are always needed to make each worship experience complete. If these are gifts of yours, find out how you can share them Tell Me More Worship Assist Tech Team Part of a powerful worship experience requires behind-the-scenes work preparing the worship space, audio engineering and video management. Do you have gifts in these areas or want to learn more about these roles? Tell Me More Tech Team

  • Serving our world | Ann Arbor | Westside United Methodist Church

    West Side In Action: Mission & Ministries in the World Costa Rica Mission Each year we send a group of volunteers to help construct a school and orphanage in Costa Rica. Here's a chance to stretch yourself by making a hands-on difference is a place far from home. The 2017 trip is complete, and you can learn more at the trip blog site. Follow the Blog Here Volunteers In Mission As part of the connectional ministry of the world-wide United Methodist Church, we have the opportunity to serve in a wide variety of mission projects in the United States and across the globe. Our members have participated in VIM trips to Russia, India, Haiti, and the gulf coast following hurricane Katrina. Learn more about the VIM possibilities at the VIM website, and talk to staff if you want to explore these exciting opportunities more deeply. VIM Website Please reload

  • Sermon | westside-church

    IF YOU FALL DOWN// 2.26.2023 Our Most Recent Sermon Due to power loss we did not have in-person worship on Sunday, February 26, 2023. Please join us for our online worship at the following link: Worship Service - February 26, 2023 ​ Bulletin - February 26, 2023 ​ Musical Offering by Music Director Jacob Carroll and vocalists Tyler Middleton, Hayla Alawi & Marissa Redding - February 26, 2023 ​ Pastor Adam's Musical Offering - February 26, 2023 ​ Costa Rica Mission Facebook Page AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND HERE Spotify Amazon Music Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Most Recent Sermon View Sermon Libary BE THE GIFT ​ DEC. 6, 2020 - JAN 3, 2021 LEARN MORE YOU ARE THE LIGHT NOV. 1, 2020 - NOV. 29, 2020 LEARN MORE SERMON LIBRARY A Treasure Trove of Tiny Desk Sermons THE WAY ​ Sep. 13, 2020 -OCT. 18, 2020 LEARN MORE PIVOT ​ AUG. 9, 2020 - SEP. 6, 2020 LEARN MORE FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS ​ JUL. 5, 2020 - AUG. 2, 2020 LEARN MORE BEGIN AGAIN ​ MAY 26, 2020 - JUN 28,2020 LEARN MORE EASTER ​ ​ APR. 12, 2020 -MAY 24, 2020 LEARN MORE LENT ​ ​ MAR. 1, 2020 - APR. 5, 2020 LEARN MORE

  • Vacation Bible School | Ann Arbor | West Side UMC

    Vacation Bible School VBS 2020 cancelled due to COVID. Check back in with us next year to see what we have planned! See Pics from Prior Years Anchor 1 Discover Your Strength in God Thanks to all of our Volunteers!

  • Worship This Week | westside-church

    Worship This Week Thank you for joining us this morning for worship and praise. Listed below is everything you need to participate in today's service. If you would like to watch Tiny Desk Sermon online, please click the button below. Watch Sermon Opening Prayer Call To Worship L: Sing to the Lord a new song, a song of hope and rejoicing! P: Praise God for wonderful acts of mercy and kindness! L: God has remembered God’s faithful ones. P: God has poured blessing upon blessing upon us! L: Praise the Lord, all the earth, shout your praise! P: Rejoice, for God is truly with us. AMEN. Opening Song Come Down, O Love Divine (UMH 475) 1. Come down, O Love divine, seek thou this soul of mine, and visit it with thine own ardor glowing; O Comforter, draw near, within my heart appear, and kindle it, thy holy flame bestowing. ​ 2. O let it freely burn, till earthly passions turn to dust and ashes in its heat consuming; and let thy glorious light shine ever on my sight, and clothe me round, the while my path illuming. ​ 3. And so the yearning strong, with which the soul will long, shall far outpass the power of human telling; for none can guess its grace, till Love create a place wherein the Holy Spirit makes a dwelling. Scripture Reading While Peter was still speaking, the Holy Spirit fell on everyone who heard the word. 45 The circumcised believers who had come with Peter were astonished that the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out even on the Gentiles. 46 They heard them speaking in other languages and praising God. Peter asked, 47 “These people have received the Holy Spirit just as we have. Surely no one can stop them from being baptized with water, can they?” 48 He directed that they be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Then they invited Peter to stay for several days. Spiritual Funmation ​ The Message ​ A Time of Prayer ​ The Lord's Prayer ​ Closing Song ​ Blessing

  • Summer Musical | westside-church

    Children's Summer Musical Summer Musical postponed due to COVID. Check back in with us next year to see what we have planned!

  • Serve | West Side United Mehodist Church | Ann Arbor

    Make a Difference Get involved in changing the world. We all desire to build deeper relationships with Jesus Christ, and part of that process is personal involvement in the ministries of the church. We each have unique God-given gifts. We invite you to find a place to plug yourself into an opportunity to grow, learn and participate in ministry. Around Ann Arbor There are always a number of ways to make a difference right here in our community. We have teams helping at Alpha House, the Delonis Center, Habitat for Humanity, C.R.O.P. Walk, and the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice. There is a quilt group and Stephen Ministers. Where are your gifts, and how can you put them to work? Explore more here... ​ Learn More... United Mehodist Women The UMW is a methodist tradition. We welcome all women to participate in the programs of the Mary Martha or Friendship Circles. Both circles meet on the 2ndMonday of each month-Friendship at 7PM & Mary Martha at 1PM . If you have questions about how to get involved with United Methodist Women, please contact Marilyn Kirking or Gwen Dunlap. Learn More At West Side There are many ways to serve the Lord right here at West Side Church. You can be a host or greeter, help with audio visual team, be a lay reader, share your musical and artistic talents, help around the office, host coffee hour, and so much more. Find out more about these chances to use your gifts right here at West Side! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Learn More... Ministries Beyond West Side West Side Church is deeply engaged in making the direct and real difference in our community and the world around us, just as Jesus expects of us. Where is your passion? Click below to explore the many opportunities that are available for you to be a part of. Learn More...

  • Bulletin | westside-church

    Welcome Call to Worship L: We are called to be God's children. P: God's love has been poured on us through Jesus Christ! L: Fear and doubt are gone! P: Joy and Celebration ring in our hearts! L: Come, let us raise our voices in song! P: Let us offer our hearts and souls to God in prayer and praise. Amen. Song 1 As the Deer (TFWS 2025) Announcements New Testament Reading Luke 16:1-13 Jesus also said to the disciples, “A certain rich man heard that his household manager was wasting his estate. He called the manager in and said to him, ‘What is this I hear about you? Give me a report of your administration because you can no longer serve as my manager.’ “The household manager said to himself, What will I do now that my master is firing me as his manager? I’m not strong enough to dig and too proud to beg. I know what I’ll do so that, when I am removed from my management position, people will welcome me into their houses. “One by one, the manager sent for each person who owed his master money. He said to the first, ‘How much do you owe my master?’ He said, ‘Nine hundred gallons of olive oil.’The manager said to him, ‘Take your contract, sit down quickly, and write four hundred fifty gallons.’ Then the manager said to another, ‘How much do you owe?’ He said, ‘One thousand bushels of wheat.’ He said, ‘Take your contract and write eight hundred.’ “The master commended the dishonest manager because he acted cleverly. People who belong to this world are more clever in dealing with their peers than are people who belong to the light. I tell you, use worldly wealth to make friends for yourselves so that when it’s gone, you will be welcomed into the eternal homes. “Whoever is faithful with little is also faithful with much, and the one who is dishonest with little is also dishonest with much. If you haven’t been faithful with worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? If you haven’t been faithful with someone else’s property, who will give you your own? No household servant can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be loyal to the one and have contempt for the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.” Song 2 Seek Ye First(UMH 405) Message: Your Time and Money Song 3 What Does the Lord Require (UMH 441) Offertory Anthem "Never weather-beaten sail". Charles Wood Prayer Song 4 Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us(UMH 381) Blessing West Side Weekly

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