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West Side is a church that provides a variety of spiritual growth opportunities and experiences. We recognize that there is no “one size fits all,” when it comes to how people live out their spiritual journeys.

While many enjoy meeting God through songs, prayers and messages during Sunday morning worship; others find just as much meaning and joy in serving together at the Alpha House or with Habitat for Humanity. While still yet others find the peace of God in tending to our lovely memorial garden in our front yard.

This open-minded approach to the many diverse pathways of spiritual growth is not a new idea. In fact for centuries, United Methodists have forged their spiritual journey via a balanced diet of Scripture, Experience, Reason & Tradition. These four avenues make up what we call the “quadrilateral,” which teaches us to ask the following questions:

•  What is Revealed in Scripture?

•  How does Tradition illuminate the path ahead?

•  How does our Experience inform us?

•  What can be confirmed by Reason?

So at West Side you will discover a multi-generational church of both thinkers and doers, of musicians and accountants, of students and those enjoying retirement, of scientists and handymen-philosophers (and throw in some football fans for good measure!). We take a progressive approach to living out our faith and thrive in serving our community and world. We practice collaborative and empowering leadership, with the hope of

equipping humble and genuine followers of Christ with the holy love and courage needed to be lights in this day and age.

This is a safe place to ask questions. This is a sanctuary to find acceptance and community. This is a group of people on a quest to be real and totally imperfect in our attempts at being Jesus’ followers. And with the help of the children in our midst, we can learn again to laugh at ourselves, and to grieve as needed as well. For if we can be known for anything, let us be known for compassion and mercy - for ourselves and for each other. And

then - maybe just in little bits at a time - we will become the change we are looking for.

Come along with us and engage in your spiritual journey at West Side. It’s completely fine to be anonymous and find your own space. Or to dive in the deep-end and get as involved as you please. All are welcome.

Stand at the crossroads and look. Ask about the ancient paths. Ask where the good road is. Walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6:16

 All are welcome to join us for our

Sunday Worship

at 10:30a.m.
900 South 7th St. 
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

(734) 663-4164


Office Hours:

Tuesday - Friday 10am-2pm

Listen to our most recent sermon
7-14-24 "Sabbath as Rhythm” - Pastor Samantha Tidball

To listen to all of our recent sermons, click here

To read our recent newsletters and sign up, click here

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Habitat for Humanity
Work Days

We recently set the dates for our participation in Habitat for Humanity this Summer. 


Our congregation is pledging:

  • one group of 8-10 people for Saturday June 15.

  • one group of 8-10 people for Saturday August 10

  • one smaller group of 4-5 people for Friday August 23

We will also need 2 volunteers to provide lunches each day.


Please sign up on the event table in the welcome center.

Online registration will be available soon.




Parking for UM home games has been offered here since the 1970's. The price is $40 and it is on a first come first serve basis. If you have any questions please call Irene at 734-223-0392.

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